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February 20.23: Coping, but barely


The amaryllis catches light

in petal prisms, fancy’s sleight;

look to science if you must

but I will call it pixie dust.


I do realize, dear reader, that not all of you are old enough to remember Walt Disney’s version of “Peter Pan,” featuring Tinkerbell and her pixie dust. But you can imagine. It’s hard not to be drawn to Neverland; that second star to the right was beautiful. And who, after all, wants to grow up?


14 thoughts on “February 20.23: Coping, but barely

  1. Perfect for this gray, gloomy Monday when I have to do taxes. 🙂 If only we could grab a couple of tickets to Peter Pan the movie, pick up some popcorn and sit ourselves down for the afternoon. It makes me smile just thinking about it. 🙂 Happy Monday, Maureen.

    • Throw in a box of Good & Plenty and I’m there! My sympathies on a grey Monday with taxes! If only there were pixie dust to sprinkle on them and make them do themselves. Happy Monday despite it all, Judy!

  2. Bring on the glorious pixie dust! We need Tinkerbell and her pixie dust more than ever. The Amaryllis is so beautiful.

    The sun is trying to come out, but with little success so far. I’m going to look in all my closets. I MUST still have some pixie dust left from my childhood. Oooooo, maybe it’s in with the cobwebs in my brain!

    • Please let me know if you find pixie dust in those cobwebs; I’d look in mine then! I have plenty. Finding the pixie dust from our childhoods is tricky business, but I think sometimes we are close. You’re right that we need it more than ever!

  3. I do remember, and I always liked it when Tinkerbell would appear at the end of the opening of the TV show (I forget the name) and sprinkle her pixie dust. Such a beautiful bright image to start this week – thanks!

  4. That tv show was “The Wonderful World of Disney”, and I too loved Tinker Bell and her magic dust.
    I think anyone who is able to keep that child’s voice clear enough in their heart can remain young forever.

    • Was that the Disney show that was Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, etc?

      • I remember black and white tv shows, where a voice would come on and say: “And now, here is your host, Walt Disney’. At which point Walt himself would come on, and show would start. I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything else, except for Tinker Bell!

      • That’s a pretty good memory! It certainly sounds familiar. Nobody can forget Tinkerbell!

  5. Growing up is an illusion, surely? From the petals’ corrugations, curls and the gleaming pixie dust, the flower is an arts & crafts project of the plant.

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