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February 5.23: Coping, but barely


Did you ever in all nobleness

make promise to yourself

that you wouldn’t touch that chocolate

in the corner on the shelf?

Did you succumb to self-delusion

like some invertebrate schnook

and tell yourself you’d only

take a little look?

Maybe also sniff

of cocoa-infused air

just to be assured (of course)

the forbidden was still there?

Well, maybe just a nibble

wouldn’t be transgression awful;

it’s not as though a nibble

is criminal, unlawful!

Your hand has barely moved

when you see the fearsome worst:

security is tight —

your conscience got there first!


Not that I’ve ever done this.

OK, maybe once.

Amazements to Susan Rushton for this too-real photo of my conscience.

30 thoughts on “February 5.23: Coping, but barely

  1. Yes, yes, Maureen. Like those commercials on TV where the woman bites into only half a Lindt chocolate candy. Half??!! Heck, I’d fit a handful of those babies in my mouth and call it a day! 😂

    • I’m with you Lois. The more the merrier. Chocolate was intended to be eaten by the handful. And those gals in the Lindt commercials look anorexic. Maybe you and Maureen and I should make a video of how to eat chocolate and send it to the producers of that commercial!

      • I’m ready when you and Maureen are, but we probably need to practice, too. 😉

      • I admire your dedication.

      • Here’s where I have to ‘fess up and say that I haven’t had television for years and so I have no idea about this commercial. However, I think I can picture it even without ever having seen it, and I totally agree that some of us have a better idea of the proper way to eat chocolate than those ad people do — I bet they don’t even know how to lick between their fingers!

    • Half anything chocolate seems somehow irrational!

  2. Maureen, get out of my head! Your conscience is a hoot to see. I love it! Alas, when it comes to chocolate, my conscience and common sense will have taken a hike. But I figure if I eat a carrot during the week I’m good to go. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Oh! Wait! That’s chocolate sticking to my fingers! :~)

    • I approve your approach to healthful eating: a carrot a week covers it all — and I should know because I’m the daughter of an M.D. (Martini Drinker). Sometimes conscience and common sense SHOULD go for a hike!

      • ha! MD–too funny. Another blogger I follow says her husband is OCD–Other half in Charge of Drinks. Cheers!

      • I’ll drink to that! Actually, my dad really was an M.D. — Maurice Dennis. People were ever “correcting” his initials from M.D. O’Hern to O’Hern, M.D., and this caused no end of hilarity in the family because we knew about the martinis!

  3. I’ll step in to show that men have no superior kind of willpower in this challenge. I’m with Lois. I’ve never seen the inside of a Lindt chocolate candy. I don’t even fully unwrap them. UnTwist, point at mouth, squeeze – foop – gone!

  4. Ha! Oh yes! It happens with chips too – “I’ll just have one!”

  5. *is watching Maslow’s pyramid chart be updated right before her eyes..*

  6. Maureen, it’s official. You, and all of us who follow you, are certifiably nuts! I couldn’t be in better company. I bought a 2 lb bag of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses today! Money well spent, don’cha think? My dentist is probably tap dancing right now.

    I loved a few M.D.’s once upon a time….Milk Duds. Loved them! Haven’t had a milk dud in years. Now my mouth is watering for them. 🥴

    • Oh, what a wonderful M.D! I had to give up on those many, many years ago, along with other things that kept my dentists busy. As for Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses — I can’t think of a better investment! Dark chocolate is GOOD for us! As for us, we are indeed in good company!

  7. Chocolate is a major food group. I read that somewhere. 🙂 Every once in a while I feel slight guilt about my chocolate indulgence, but then it passes. 🙂

  8. What a fun mural! An excellent example of how street art should look: beautiful, and more importantly, commissioned!
    Chocolate is good for you. I believe it’s an important food group. Don’t deny yourself a morsel of joy.

  9. I love seeing how you interpret the pictures. I can assure you so far it has been a surprise every time, but perfect for all that.

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