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January 22.23: Coping, but barely


There once was a housefinch named Louie

who fretted crabapples were hooey:

“They pucker my beak

and strain my physique!”

And he flew away chirping “p-tooey!”


Once again, dear reader, the urge to add Burma Shave.


19 thoughts on “January 22.23: Coping, but barely

  1. Thanks for a laugh to start my morning, Maureen.

    I should follow Louie’s lead. If I ate my meals while upside down, I’d spill less on my shirt.

  2. Maureen, I am having such a good laugh reading your delightful poem! It’s a cold gray day here with snow-rain arriving later, so the jollies you provided are as welcome as a hot cup of tea and homemade sticky buns.

    I don’t have crabapples, but I am definitely a crab sometimes so maybe your Louie will come visit me!

    Hope today starts your week off on a good path.

    • Let’s hear it for the crabs! There is reason to be crabby these days, so being a crab seems logical, especially on such a dismal day. If you should hear P-tooey Louie at your window, you’ll know he has found you!

  3. I will definitely be on the watch for him. If he decides to make the trip, I hope he doesn’t go ker-flooey and wind up in St. “Louie” thinking it was named after hiim!

    • Or maybe looking for chop suey. (You may have started something here!) Good one, by the way!

      • Chop suey…..ooooh you’re good! But me thinks chop suey would be too gooey for Louie. Yet you don’t want to give him anything that’s too chewy either. He’d think you were screwy. Fooey, he probably knows we’re both screwy!

      • I must think some to do justice to this! I’m not sure I can, though!

      • We should toast Louie with a shot of Drambuie! (Howzzat?)

      • Excellent!!! You are the undisputed Queen of Rhyme my friend. 🤙👏👏👌

        You’re killing me here Maureen. I think Drambuie might be too fruity for this cutie. Truly, he
        is very choosey. Louie will act very cooly, and his eyes might be dewy, but don’t be fooled, he’s no floozie!

        Hahaha! I’m outta gas. I need Tylenol now! Hey! Maybe we could take this show on the road and make enough money to pay for our prescriptions!

        Enjoy the rest of your day. This has been fun. See what happens when you leave two senior citizens unattended?

      • We could be dangerous. Our attendants better keep a better eye on us! Thanks, Ginger!

  4. I love it! I remember those Burma Shave signs so thank you for the smile. You and Ginger had it going there, all you needed was someone on the drums. 🙂

  5. We have some crab apple trees in the centre of town and after weeks of walking past wondering, I couldn’t resist trying one. It puckered my ‘beak’ too.

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