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November 7.22: Coping, but barely


Brown birds,

brown leaves,

crackles, crumbles,

webs in eaves.

The glossy crow

in polished black



Pallid sky,

 sunlight void,

droops a greyness


Pond of slate,

grass turned rubble,

wind that moans

of toil and trouble.

The year grows weary,

needs to sleep,

gardens snuggle

in winter’s keep.

Beshawled and flanneled,

I watch the earth

beshawl itself

with color dearth.



With apologies to Shakespeare.


24 thoughts on “November 7.22: Coping, but barely

  1. Oh, so true. That is the thing that strikes me when I am in a Indiana on a grey day in winter – the absence of color. Landscapes could be black and white photos.

    • Having lived in your part of the world, I can say I understand. One of the marvels of southern CA is its lasting colors, especially to the eyes of us who have known the Midwest. The colors there were always miraculous to me.

  2. For a minute there, I thought you were talking about my clothes closet…black, white, grey and to brighten things up–a touch of off-white! 😆

  3. Love today’s poem Maureen. I think perhaps Lois and I share the same clothes closet! Although I do have some navy blue sweat pants!!

    Your photo is beautiful, and it certainly captures the dreary weather that will soon be arriving. I wonder what it is that has captured the attention of those two birds? Probably a bright Orange tabby. Yep, that would do it!

    At least here on the East Coast, Mid-Hudson Valley, NY, we get to enjoy the paint pallet of Mother Nature in our trees, shrubs, lawns and even weeds. It’s a sight to behold. Quite spectacular.

    Have a happy, safe, and fun-filled week Maureen.

    • Thanks, Ginger! I commend you on your bright splash of navy blue! Indiana has beautiful autumns, but they’re pretty much done now and we get bland in a hurry. As for the birds, I don’t know if they spotted a tabby, but, yes, that would get their attention. A safe and happy week to you too!

    • Ginger–you wild woman!
      Twelve years of navy blue and white uniforms for Catholic school cured me of ever wearing blue again. Amen.

      • Awwww, you poor girl. If I had to wear uniforms all through school, I don’t think I could wear those colors in my regular wardrobe either! But we were forced to wear royal blue one-piece jumpsuits for gym. Whoever designed and produced that garment should have been taken out behind the Barn and shot!

        Imagine pounding around the gymnasium and then you desperately needed to use the little girls room. BUT you have to unbutton an endless row of buttons that won’t cooperate with your fingers and get the whole damn jumpsuit down, hopefully in time. Nope, no royal blue for me Lois! Lol! 🤪

        The torture we Catholics and Protestants had to endure!

      • ha! We had light blue (you know–blue for Mary) jumpsuits, which we called bloomers. No idea why. Yup. Going to the girls room in those things…🙄

      • Get out. Light blue gym suits for MARY?? Now that’s a new one. I seem to hear Mary saying “Seriously?” But the sisters would teach us, one way or another!

      • I think all blue was for Mary. Guess what’s my favorite color? NOT BLUE! 😂

      • You are probably right, and it never occurred to me that my super-ugly gym suit had anything to do with Mary. Boy, was I slow.

      • I remember those gym suits! I wish I didn’t! They scarred us for life, I’m sure.

  4. Very nicely fine, Maureen. We are starting to see the color fade. Evergreens become previous, as do I the annoying blue jays.

  5. Brown is definitely the color of the day. 🙂

    • It will be sad when that gold understory is gone for you. I guess that’s why we have Christmas colors; they take over when there’s nothing left outside. For some reason I’m having trouble with comments; they seem to be all over the place. If yours came in yesterday, it got lost somewhere. I’d love to blame the computer or WordPress, but I have to admit the problem might be me. Hard to believe, of course.

  6. Just beautiful. You are an amazing wordsmith.

  7. I spent a while playing with ‘color dearth’ and ‘earth coloured’ which you neatly set up in my mind. Earth should be the most exciting colour, but it really isn’t, perhaps a mark of how far away we’ve come away from it. No earth = no land plants = no life as we know it. We are uplifted by yellow sun, blue sky, green plants, but brown earth seems too ordinary even though it pulls all the others together.

    • Yes, you make a good point. The color of earth, which really is varied, is what brings it all together, but I don’t think of it unless it’s newly turned. I wonder what color earth is when it is left to itself. I’d have no idea.

      • I was thinking brown, although it can be orangey or greyish or a nice chestnut brown for woodland soil.

      • I like to picture the chestnut brown, but you are right that brown is not a static color. And I think there is red soil in the South, yes? I don’t know if Mississippi has it, but I think Georgia does.

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