In search of story

October 21.22: Coping, but barely


How to go

from here to there,

shape limb and life

from mental air,

to plot a course

that’s rocky, new,

unseen by others,

glimpsed by you,

you must ignore

the self-derision,

hold tight that skittish

imp called vision.

More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg,

and to the unnamed artist,

who sees what I cannot.


11 thoughts on “October 21.22: Coping, but barely

  1. I looked quick and saw a cow…you know, with spots. Still drinking my morning coffee…☕

  2. A cow. With spots. Well, why not? I’ve had a gallon of serious coffee, so I see polka-dot bowling balls.

  3. Well girls, I see some kind of ball with gray polka dots. Could be a bowling ball. Or a weird cow. Maybe a dog’s toy where you put treats inside for your pet to get out. Or maybe the artist had some leftover white paint and this seemed like a good place to get rid of it. You know, use it or lose it!

    • I’ll drink to all the above! Bill, the photographer, has said he’s going to try to get a photo of the finished work, and that should enlighten all of us. I have no idea how artists accomplish such large projects, murals or others; it seems impossible to me.

  4. I am always in awe of mural artists. I can’t handle an 8×11 piece of paper let alone a wall. 👏🏻 Now, for a ‘what the heck’ moment. I’ve checked this email account several times today, but there was no mail. At a couple of minutes before 6 p.m. all of a sudden they roll in from this morning. Technology – it’s interesting thats for sure.

    • “Interesting” is the word. My computer last night was absolutely goofy, and I finally gave up and turned it off. Today WordPress has been telling me something about plug-ins not being something. I say “what the heck” a lot. As for mural artists, I’m with you. I had an LOL moment when I read that you can’t handle an 8×11 paper, but I got your meaning. Actually, as I wrote this, I was also thinking about you as quilter. You are definitely an artist starting with an idea in your head and going to a gorgeous finish. Not unlike a muralist in that regard. But, yes, how they can see in one little place where they are painting what the entire huge thing will look like is total mystery.

  5. I’m not sure how I missed this. I might have had the Cow/Spotted-Bowling-Ball filter activated. Actually, I see a ladybug heading to grab something high above where the artist is working. Then again, I need more coffee.

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