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10 thoughts on “October 4.22: Coping, but barely

  1. I planted yellow marigolds this year, and they are still going! The landscape may be turning brown, but those little yellow faces are still smiling bright. Happy Tuesday, Maureen.

  2. Love your whimsy today! So welcome on a cold-ish, dark, rainy day in my neck of the woods. How can you not love marigolds, especially the bright yellow ones? One of my favorite flowers!

    Hope your Tuesday is full of sunshine and blue skies.

    • Thanks, Ginger! You have my sympathy on the cold-ish, dark, rainy day. I dread such days and I’ve reached the point where every hour of autumn sunshine feels more tentative than the last; we will soon be in that dark, gloomy part of autumn. The marigolds keep summer for a while, and I love them for it!

  3. I always root for the little ones! Onward, sweet marigolds!

  4. The perfect take on the battle for the best dressed item on the autumn runway.

  5. Those maroon leafs are stunning against the mariGOLD! They probably started out green and ‘turn’ due to temperature fluctuation. That rich maroon reminds me of chocolate…

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