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September 3.22: Coping, but barely


Harvest looms,

maple tips blush,

September’s percussion

comes in a rush.

Wachoo, snuffle, snort!

rings out through the land;

kleenex is crammed

in pocket and hand.

With sinuses gurgling,

persistent nose splash,

“Have a nice day”

is abject balderdash.

That hackneyed nice day

is pie in the sky

when the red of hot peppers

emblazons the eye.

Itching and wheezing

and scratchy of throat,

sufferers glare

when others emote

how lovely the day,

how pure the sky’s bluing;

they’d rail and berate,

but they’re busy wachooing.



16 thoughts on “September 3.22: Coping, but barely

  1. What a fun poem! Well, reading it is fun, living it isn’t! We allergy sufferers can all relate to this up close and personal. Of course the makers of Kleenex are laughing all the way to the bank!🤗

    And remember Maureen, remove those Kleenex from your pockets BEFORE you put the garment into your washing machine! 😵‍💫🤪

    • Thanks, Ginger! I have to wonder if you have a camera over my washing machine. I am VERY good about removing kleenex from everything but dark clothes, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the kleenex deliberately stuffs itself into far corners of dark things just for the fun of hearing my reaction. As for allergies, they can sure make fall less beautiful!

  2. Oh, I can relate to this accurate description and fun words. Ginger’s warning about tissues in the pocket made me laugh because I almost always miss them until I start pulling the wet clothes out with white stuff everywhere. I have dry eyes and when the pollen counts are high and I apply a heat pack, I’m lucky if my vision clears in an hour. I’m surprised most of us can even function with our bodies having to filter all that junk. Now, I’ll eat my breakfast and head outside for about three hours so I can absorb a new batch. 🙂 Happy Saturday, Maureen.

    • That problem with your eyes sounds just awful! I didn’t know that about dry eyes and allergies, and that most certainly isn’t something a gardener should have! Three hours in all that pollen? Yikes. But still a gardener’s got to do what a gardener’s got to do. There is nothing like wet tissue all over wet clothes to make a day special. A good Saturday anyway, Judy!

  3. Hoorah for using “balderdash” in your poem. I love that word.
    (Oh, and I love the new banner photo).

  4. Thanks! “Balderdash” gives such opportunity for expression, doesn’t it? There’s real attitude in such a word. Dill is beautiful.

  5. I ought not really to even smile this as my sweetheart is a sufferer and a great wachooer. He is also allergic to some types of beer – often the ‘special’ real ale ones. They make him sneeze explosively about a dozen times in quick succession and then he is OK again – neither convenient nor sociable in these times.

  6. This was fun to read, Maureen, and so, so true. Thanks for putting a smile on my Saturday.

  7. Oh, the Kleenex in the dark clothing. My husband always says, “I checked my pockets, but you might want to check, too” which so begs the question: WHY? If he’s checked, did the Kleenex jump back in the pocket??
    Another blogger and I laughed when she wrote about ‘man-sneezes.’ After husband has sneezed, I have often thought: “Can you please go outside and do that?” Oh yes, I’m in a mood. 😆 Happy Saturday, Maureen!

    • Yes! Kleenex does jump back into pockets! It’s almost an argument to return to hankies! I think “can you please go outside and do that?” is probably more reasonable than “God bless you.” I used to have a friend who said “God bless you ANYWAY, Maureen!” after I sneezed, and I never thought that sounded quite right. Anyway, a mood is called for these days. A happy Saturday to you too, Lois, despite it all! Thank you!

  8. You and your wonderful humor are back!

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