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August 20.22: Coping, but barely


A hole in one! The noble beast

wants no one else to clutch it,

but the ball’s all sog,

there’s no way, dog,

that I would even touch it!


This is Andie, the newest addition to the Lucky Dog Society.  She has not yet figured out that I do not do dog slobber, and she thinks I actually WANT that ball. Not a chance.


16 thoughts on “August 20.22: Coping, but barely

  1. In our younger days, maybe. These days she’d have to stand on her hind legs and hand me that soggy ball. 🙂 Happy Saturday.

    • You make a good point, as always! The other two dogs there are old and creaky like me and they have more realistic expectations. Happy Saturday to you too, Judy!

  2. Andie is a big girl. I’m sure she has the art of slobber down pat. Perhaps a pair of Playtex gloves would solve the problem! Maureen, you know Andie will win you over sooner or later. She’s a beauty.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. “Andie is a big girl” is understatement! She’s part moose but thinks she’s a Chihuahua. And, yes, she is an accomplished slobberer. Playtex gloves? More a hazmat suit! A great weekend to you too, Ginger!

  4. I am laughing out loud at this one, Maureen. All of our dogs loved to play tug. Once their end of the sock/rope/stick was wet and soggy, they would switch and take my end – yuck! Andie looks like a sweetheart! Take the ball. It will make you happy, after you get over the soggy-shock.

  5. Who’s a good boy?! I love big dogs who think they are Chihuahuas. But I’ll stick with my cats. No slobber, but plenty of scratches. What a trade-off, right?! 😸🐶

    • Yes, some trade-off! This is my first experience with a big dog that thinks it’s a Chihuahua and I have much to learn. Alas, agility is not my strong suit.

  6. Dog slobber, much like a dirty diaper, it has to be your own to endure… I’m with Lois on that one: Go Cats! 😀

  7. A lucky dog indeed that has no competition from you for an all sog ball. She’s clearly on guard for any such eventualities, in a pretending-I’m-not-bothered fashion. She really deserves a wooden guard house and a beefeater hat to match her fur.

    • Omigosh! A beefeater hat! That would fit her so well, especially when she is sitting at attention, a pose she has mastered. I must ask my daughter-in-law and son to inquire about that wooden guard house too!

  8. That’s the bad part about fetch. The company Chuckit! makes a ball tosser that you can use to pick up the ball and throw it without touching it.

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