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10 thoughts on “August 5.22: Coping, but barely

  1. Very sweet cipher of sun and sky, and scented too!

  2. Working with lavender is always a treat. The heat this year has killed two of my plants while others are just fine. The largest plant I have is in a bad place with regard to where I now park my truck. Yes, I’ve run over it not once but three times now. I plan to move it once the wicked heat passes, then again it may not survive my driving that long.

    • Although my sympathies lie with the lavender, I couldn’t help laughing. I do hope it “survives your driving” so you can move it to a less dangerous place! Meanwhile, heat that kills lavender is serious heat indeed. Wow. There isn’t much a gardener can do in heat like that; what’s too hot for lavender is even hotter for us. I hope it lets up soon!

  3. NO!!! That is awful indeed. And so dangerous! Rates up 100%? Is there a contest somewhere to see who can make people the most miserable? We’ve had some of those hellish days recently but are now into mere sauna mode. The heat index is in the 90s, as is the humidity. This old lady has a bad case of The Droops.

  4. I love your poem….short, sweet, and to the point! When you see such beauty as these flowers, it’s hard to describe it. I too love lavender, but I have no luck growing it . 😢

    The heat and humidity here is so oppressive it’s hard to breathe. Ground is like cement from lack of rain. Grass is brown and crunchy. Yet the weeds and insects are doing fine! 😡 I’ve lost a few plants this summer, and a couple of others don’t look like they’re going to make it. I really hate losing any of my beautiful friends.

    This old lady has The Droops too! 🤗

    • Thanks, Ginger! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with The Droops! We have that heavy air but not the dryness any more; we’ve had some good rain. Crunchy grass was all around, but now that’s given way to a bumper crop of crabgrass. Green and ugly. I’ve been surprised here in central Indiana that lavender does well; it’s been a perennial for me and I did not expect that. Munstead lavender seems to be a really tough little plant. I agree that losing plants from our gardens is losing friends. I hope you get a break from the dry heat soon.

  5. Beautiful flowers and beautiful words. Big smile here.

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