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July 7.22: Coping, but barely


My calendar says —

therefore, it must be —

today is a day

for Vitamin C.

C is for chocolate

and what could be sweeter?

So Happy World Chocolate Day

to you, dear reader!

If we can find a respite from reality, surely it is in a chocolate moment.

May it be so for you, dear reader.


17 thoughts on “July 7.22: Coping, but barely

  1. Well, I had my Vitamin C/Orange juice, so now it’s time for chocolate, right? World Chocolate Day! I don’t know who thought this one up, probably some CEO at Hershey’s, but God bless ’em. I will do my best to make him/her proud. Yep, I hear a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Candy Kiss calling me right now!

    Today’s poem is just plain fun Maureen.

    • Thanks, Ginger! It’s amazing, isn’t it, how chocolate does indeed call to us. Dark chocolate seems to have an especially loud voice. And I feel the same way: it doesn’t matter who thought it up, God bless ’em!

  2. I have a secret stash in the bottom drawer right next to my desk. Shhh-hh. Our secret.

  3. I work very hard to avoid a dificiency in this particular vitamin. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I love this post, but you knew I would. 🙂 I just happened to have some chocolate with my lunch today. I must support these special days. Like Dan’s comment too. 🙂

    • It was truly noble of you to support this day. I too made the sacrifice and had some chocolate. Well, maybe more than “some,” but that’s how noble I am. I got a chuckle from Dan’s comment too. It’s good that so many of us care about our health.

  5. I’ll never think of Vitamin C in the same way again. My sweetheart and I like to have small ‘puddins’ in the evening, more correctly pronounced ‘puddings’, which in England means anything eaten as a dessert – could be sweet (a trifle, ice cream, Eton mess etc) or savoury (cheese and crackers). In our case, it’s a likely to be chocolate ginger biscuit or a small piece of chocolate. Now I can think of it as a health kick, it will taste all the sweeter.

  6. The world needs more chocolate. Now!

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