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May 11.22: Coping, but barely


The palate palette,

wizard’s sleight,

fairest fare,

ocular bite,

art most toothsome,


conjured deftly

to gild the present.



More thanks to photographer and gastronome S.W. Berg.

And to The Baker’s Wife Bistro and Bar, Hampton, VA.

12 thoughts on “May 11.22: Coping, but barely

  1. That plate not only looks good but is artistically handsome. May meals don’t quite live up to those standards. 🙂 Hope Wednesday treats you well and the sun is shining. 🙂

    • Yes, for me food presentation means don’t dribble the soup on the floor, so this kind of artistry just blows me away. I think we will see the sun today. We went almost overnight from frost to humid heat. I love having the sun and warmth but I think Mother Nature could have saved the humidity for August. I hope your Wednesday is good too and that your icepacks are holding out.

      • LOL Yes, I’m happy if the food is on the plate and stays there. It was a really nice day here today, but I did a little too much so I’m using those ice packs right now while I comment. You know me well. 🙂

      • I’m sorry to hear you need the ice packs, but I’m sure glad they’re at the ready. I hope they work! And, yes, may our food stay on our plates!

  2. Oh, this photo makes my mouth water. Since english is a second language for me and spelling isn’t my strong suit, you briefly stopped in my tracks with today’s poem: dictionary to the rescue. That’s why I love your posts: I learn new words all the time.

    • Thank you, but make no mistake: English is my first language, and spelling gives me fits all the time. I am forever looking things up. I do admit, though, that I hide behind poetic license when I prefer my spelling to any other! This is quite a mouth-watering photo, yes. I admire those who make food an art form.

  3. Lovely poem and presentation. I need to go see what we have for dessert.

  4. I liked ocular bite, but confess I was not sure at first glance if the food was cooked. It reminded me of Mama who, having been served steak too rare for her liking, observed that it hadn’t even been past an oven, never mind inside it.

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