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May 1.22: Coping, but barely


Many the wonder of spring

but the jaw-dropping best of them all

is a flower that never had bloomed

until one redoubtable fall.

A lilac in fall?

What could it portend?

Why in that dismal

tormented year’s end?

Pandemic exhausted,

hostility worn,

with leaves curled in death,

dry and forlorn,

we slumped into autumn

weary of strife,

and here blooms a lilac

with anomalous life.

A lilac in fall —

a thing beyond reason —

would it come back again

in traditional season?

The purpling answer

no nose can resist

nods in affirmative

its resolve to exist.

As fancy a flora

as ever hoorayed

exalts this springtime

in new life arrayed.


In my years here, this lilac had never given the slightest indication that it knew how to make a flower. Then, in the last gasps of 2021, it bloomed! An autumn-blooming lilac seemed in keeping with the chaos of the times. But would it bloom in the spring? Now we know!



11 thoughts on “May 1.22: Coping, but barely

  1. This is a lovely poem, and a wonderful treat from Mother Nature. Maybe the lilac just figure out how the whole blooming thing works. Maybe it will bloom again in October. They are such pretty flowers.

    • Thanks, Dan, for the encouraging word for me AND for the lilac! I will pass along to it your thought that it might bloom again this fall. Wouldn’t that be something? I think this is the first lilac I’ve ever had and I am loving it.

  2. How wonderful — perhaps even Providential! Never heard of a lilac blooming in any season but Spring!! Lovely poem, too (as always)!

  3. Can you see me smiling from over here? Love the poem, and I’ve never met a lilac I didn’t love. We had a magnolia bloom late summer for the past two years. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t believe in the issues pertaining to climate change, they really need to just check on the plants.

    • Good point! The plants know! A magnolia blooming in late summer and a lilac in late autumn — definitely they know something! Glad you liked the poem — I am really excited to have a lilac bush that grows actual lilacs!

  4. The bloom last fall was special encouragement, just for you. Now it’s back to business doing what nature intended 😀
    I’ve been away from my garden for a month. I wonder if my own lilac will gift me with a bloom upon my return…

  5. Hurray! I hope, now the flowers are finally unleashed in season, that many, many more will be purpling your corner of the world.

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