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April 22.22: Coping, but barely


The pensive dog,

drowsed by talk,

took her thoughts

on wooded walk,


and solitary,

past springtime’s

ruffled luminary.

The daffodils sighed

as she passed by,

looked after her

with solicitous eye.


This, dear reader, is Miss Janey Pickles. I’m told she is named for a literary figure beloved by my daughter-in-law. Some people speak of their grand-dogs; I am not one of those people. Janey Pickles is not my grand-dog even though she belongs to my daughter-in-law and my son. Or they belong to her. Whichever. The amazing thing about Janey Pickles is that sometimes she’s awake.



8 thoughts on “April 22.22: Coping, but barely

  1. Miss Janey Pickles – I love it! Based upon my experience, I do think they probably belong to her. 🙂 I like dogs, some I even love, but none have ever even come close to being elevated to ‘grand-dog’ but I know many who would disagree with me. To prove I’m not really a grinch though, one of our doctors has a lovely golden Labrador support dog, Digger, who comes into the room at appointments. He brushes up against your hand in case you want to pet him and then reclines until it is time to leave. He always brings a smile.

    • Isn’t that a great name? And she lives up to it! My experience with dogs is mixed, to say the least, and so I’m not one who warms to dogs easily, but Janey has my approval. As for support dogs, I have huge respect for them and for their trainers. What wonderful things they do! That golden Lab must be a beauty.

  2. That’s a very cool name, and a very nice poem. I love the way some dogs wander through their world, taking it all in. We don’t have grand-dogs, but when our daughter is coming to visit, we do tell Maddie her big sister is coming.

    • Thank you for the laugh! I don’t know that my granddaughter or grandson have thought of their dogs as siblings, but I’d not be surprised if they did. You’ve got that right about Janey: she wanders through, taking it all in. And then, when she’s worn herself out with thinking, she goes back to sleep. A very well-rested dog.

  3. Miss Janey Pickles..if that name doesn’t bring a smile, all hope is lost. We do call our cats our babies, but they have all been spayed/neutered so no grandcats. 😹

    • Grandcats! Now that’s one I hadn’t thought of but should have! There is a cat in this clan also; to be precise, it’s a two-teenager-three-dog-one-cat family. I always proceed with caution. And you are so right about the name; I think Janey Pickles has always enjoyed being called Janey Pickles.

  4. They belong to her: I’m sure of it. Grand-dog does have a certain ring to it. It makes the animal sound, well, grand. I’m not sure it would work the same way with, for example, a worm. Grand-worm does not elevate the worm. It sounds like you meant to say ground worm but made a slip of the tongue.

    • I admit I hope my daughter-in-law and son, never mind their offspring, do not read this; they’d be off rescuing worms in a minute. They would all love the idea of a grandworm. Janey Pickles would sniff at it. (Good one, Maureen!)

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