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February 2.22: Coping


February first,

a winter storm is lurking;

ice and snow and sleet —

is their inner clock not working?

What ever are they thinking,

popped up so green and straight?

Could it possibly be spring

they prognosticate?


Dear reader, if you live in this country, you know that winter is about to smite us again; snow and ice are roaring at us and the last couple days have seen people dashing about, not in the best of moods, trying to prepare. Yesterday it was 50. I took advantage of the anomaly and walked around the house. It was like taking that big breath before diving underwater again: one bit of fresh air before the next hunkering down.

I about fell over when I spotted these shoots. They must have sprouted in January! There was a strange sound: me, laughing out loud. I think I might even have talked to them: “Are you nuts?” (Gardeners are weird.)

We are about to get walloped, according to the weatherpeople. I prefer the forecast of the daffodils.


14 thoughts on “February 2.22: Coping

  1. I hope you are spared any destruction, Maureen. This next storm looks like it will be a rain event for us. I haven’t seen anything sprouting. I planted some bulbs last fall. My guess is that someone ate them by now, but you never know. Stay safe.

    • Thanks, Dan. I do hope you see sprouts before too long! These sure surprised me. As for the storm, last week earned you a break this week, and I hope rain is all you get.

  2. Sprouts are good for the soul that is for sure, but maybe you could push a few leaves their way and give them a little cover before the storm. Mother Nature really takes us for a ride doesn’t she. I bet those sprouts bloom whether they have cover or a direct hit of winter weather.

    • You are a much quicker thinker than I am! By the time I thought of giving them more cover, it was this morning and I was in no mood to go out in the rain! But you are right: they could have used an extra blanket for the next couple days. You are also right that Mother Nature takes us for a ride; her sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired!

  3. I’m jealous that even though I live farther south than you, I have yet to see anything sprouting other than rabbits out of their holes! If you get snow, a nice blanket of it will insulate those sprouts for you. Wishing you safety and warmth the next few days.

    • Thanks, Tamara! I wish the same for you; it looks as though you are going to get more ice there than we will get here — and that’s the worst! Of course it’s Indiana and no one knows until it’s over, but it does look like nasty business all over the state. I hope you get more than rabbits sprouting, and soon!

  4. The Daffodils know what time it is. They are tuned in to the lengthening day light, Hallelujah!

  5. Those in the know are saying that plants are appearing a month ahead of schedule here in the UK. As it is mainly snowdrops and hellebores in my area, the jury is out. I hope the storm passed you and the daffodils gently.

    • Sorry to say there was nothing gentle about this storm, which is now past but has left us buried under snow and ice. I don’t know yet how the daffodils fared, but I’m guessing their mood is no more chipper than mine. It’s interesting that those in the know there are saying that plants are popping up early. I hope it’s a message from the garden gods!

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