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January 19.22: Coping


A bit of brown bird,

his feathers a-fluff,

perched on the noon of my day.

So tiny a plume

seemed hardly enough,

but he blasted the doldrums away.

I do believe, dear reader, that this is a Carolina Wren. I was walking the familiar carpet path in familiar routine when he (barely) caught my eye, and I nearly undid myself getting to the camera without scaring him off. The sighting of anything other than the occasional crow is unheard of right now, and this little being was therefore all the more miraculous.






17 thoughts on “January 19.22: Coping

  1. What a nice diversion from such a handsome feathered friend you have here. We see sandpipers, seagulls, and the crazy pelicans who dive bomb and splash all over. We catch the dolphins periodically too. All these visitors make one smile, and that is always a good thing.

    • AMEN to that: the smile is a good thing, and never more needed. Sometimes we need a break from our own species because even those dive-bombing, splashing pelicans make more sense. I’m very glad you have that ocean company now, and I hope the weather allows you a lot of time with it.

      • The condos in this building are like shoe boxes stacked together so the entry door is at one end, and the other end is a solid wall of glass. We sit doing whatever and can look out at the water to see the bird action. We’ve seen the dolphins a couple of times now. They are a blast to watch, but I sure can’t capture a decent photo of them. The fishing must be good too because we’ve seen more fishing boats, big and small, in the last couple of weeks than we’ve seen in an entire stay in previous years. When we had a rain storm on Sunday, we amused ourselves watching five guys ride the waves. Ah, youth. 🙂

      • It sounds so therapeutic, to have such a view right there. The original big screen! As for youth, oh, yes. Riding the waves would be something I would envy but wouldn’t be tempted to try myself! It all sounds wonderful to watch!

  2. Nice sighting, Good work getting the camera without scaring the bird or toppling over in the process. I’ve seen a few little birds, wrens and sparrows, that didn’t make the trip south, or maybe they’re coming from farther north. Like you, I worry that they lack sufficient fluff.

    • Thanks! This was indeed a coup on the part of the old lady! I did have to congratulate myself. It sounds as though you have more little winter birds there than we do here, but, yes, for all of them we wish sufficient fluff.

  3. Great shot, and a lovely poem.

  4. This year, for the first time, I purchased a hummingbird feeder, when I heard of snow in the forecast. That was 5 weeks ago, and the daily visits of that tiny bird is such great fun. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

  5. These little ones are joy bringers at this time of year. Bravo to you for getting the picture.

    • Thank you! I did pat myself on the back! But I know he was unusually gracious to pose long enough for me to take a whole lot of bad pictures and a couple decent ones. Joy bringers indeed!

  6. Such a cute little fellow and the poem goes perfectly well. We get crows, sparrows, pigeons and mynas in Mumbai and they provide good entertainment.

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