In search of story

January 4.22: Coping


Sometimes we’re the audience,

sometimes we’re on stage;

either way we play a part

intrinsic to the age.

From Gilgamesh to Boba Fett,

the story is the thing

to make the case for why

we’re worth remembering.

The writer needs the reader,

as ear attends to speech;

reciprocally human

symbiotic each to each.

In telling and in listening,

we revere the mighty word;

inked or sung or spoken,

it must be read or heard,

and so the eye and ear

and reverent word creator

combine to tell of us

in storied life’s theater.


It seems to me, dear reader, that in our little corner of blogdom we have a certain reverence for the word. I like that.

Sometimes as reader and sometimes as writer, I have here learned about imagining, about thinking and re-thinking, about observing, and, even better, I have laughed. In that regard, 2021 was a good word year. In other places, the word has not been treated so kindly.

I wish us all a good year of words. Because words make life rememberable.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and to Wells Theater, Norfolk, VA.

10 thoughts on “January 4.22: Coping

  1. I certainly enjoy your words all year. Keep writing them, and have a good year.
    What is that magnificent theater?

    • Thank you, and a good year to you too! I don’t know much about the Wells Theater; the photographer and his wife go there and it is my good fortune that he takes his camera with him. It really owns the grandeur of the theaters many of us grew up with. It’s something, isn’t it?

  2. I love this! This is so good, and so true! I’m glad I discovered this little theater for the written word. It helped make my 2021 better.


    • “Encore!” — good one! There are written words which deserve a home like this, yes? The old theaters helped transport us to different worlds, and certainly some words do too. Powerful things, words. Thanks for yours, Dan!

  3. I so admire your word contributions! You have talent

  4. Keep those words coming because I look forward to each and every one. 🙂 Finally, I have a laptop up and running and I’m trying to catch up. Happy 2022, if only it could be kinder and gentler.

    • YAY! Welcome back to the other real world! That was a long separation. Your “if only” resonates. Yes, if only the year could be kinder and gentler than the last few, perhaps we could all get our bearings. Happy 2022 anyway, Judy. At least we have this little corner of peace and reason.

  5. A certain reverence – yes, for writing and for reading. Blogging does make us aware of them as two aspects of the one impulse. I’ll join with Judy and yourself in wishing for a kind and gentle 2022 where we can all get our bearings.

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