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December 7.21: Coping


Who said the moon is cheese?

Why, anyone can see

the moon is made of paper,

thick and cottony.

Someone tore it gently

in swooping deckled arc,

sculpting it to give me

a wink against the dark.


Dear reader,

This is not the perfect photo

about which I can boast;

the window I took aim through

added flourish of moon ghost.

But nighttime in the winter

I prefer being warm to bold;

it isn’t only dark out there,

it’s finger-nipping cold!


This is another one that, despite its length, makes me want to append “Burma-Shave!”



9 thoughts on “December 7.21: Coping

  1. I remember Burma Shave signs. 🙂 The photo is lovely and so are the words. Timely too. I saw a moon like this on my iPhone for the past day or so. I ‘thought’ it meant it was nighttime, but there it was again this morning. In googling, I found that somehow the phone fairies had turned off phone notifications. Yes, the phone updated a couple of days ago and who knew they wanted to turn that on. Not me. 🙂 Without Google, I’d have to give up on technology and just pull a chair over to the window and stare at the moon looking for answers.

  2. Haha – laughing at the Burma Shave reference. I like the photo, and the poem. Why should only the full moon get the attention of artists and dreamers.

    • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Burma Shave signs and bumper stickers are the ultimate in American Literature. If there aren’t college courses devoted to these gems, there should be. Glad you like photo and poem, and I would ask the same question about the moon: why indeed only the full moon?

  3. That is a pretty great photo for inside the window! I love these crescent moons and your poem.

  4. I love the idea of a wink against the dark and I’m with you in preferring warm to bold.

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