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November 10.21: Coping


How it sizzles,

this maple,

brazen in the sunset,

each blazing leaf

a crackle

like the fire in a hearth

spitting embers,

bodaciously sassing the sun.



A note, dear reader: many years ago, oh, so many, I was advised never to use a series of sibilant sounds. Which, as you can tell, is a rule that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I thought of it as I wrote that last line and reveled in my rebellion. It sounds like a leaky tire, but I like it.



16 thoughts on “November 10.21: Coping

  1. I’ve been hearing what a rebel you are with your words. 🙂 The maples really do hold center stage in the fall. Our last one lost its color this week. Knock, knock, winter is coming. 🙂 Have a good Wednesday, Maureen.

    • Oh, indeed winter is coming. We’re headed for quite a change this weekend, and I’m hustling to be ready for it. The trees here are still holding a bit of green, but there is also brilliant color. It’s been beautiful. A good Wednesday to you too, Judy!

  2. A lovely tribute to a beautiful tree. When your words work as well as they do, who cares about the rules.

  3. This should be fun! I’m already waiting for it!

  4. As you know, I’m all about alliteration including “s.” I see nothing wrong with emulating the sizzling of fire and foliage. I’m jealous of your bold leaves — it’s very muted in the southern counties this year.

    • Thank you! You are the voice of the poet! We have some glorious bright trees, but they were slow to show off this year. Some are still more green than I’d expect. If you get the same weather we’re expecting this weekend, you just might see some changes.

  5. It’s too short of a time between Blazing and Bare. I try to enjoy it as much as I can, even when the leafs land on the ground below.
    (Aren’t rules meant to be broken? And who better than poets to break them? :-D)

    • You have an excellent point: poets have special privileges! Thank you! So true about how short the time between Blazing and Bare.

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  7. Who would have have anticipated your muse would resurface rebellious? I think we were taught that sibilance is a good thing, but it’s alarming how so much of what we were firmly told to do (or not to do) seems to have changed. My old grammar books seem outdated and any time I do turn to them, I can hardly believe how snootily they were written.

    • Thank you for the good laugh! Indeed, who would have thought that my muse would have returned so feisty? I don’t know where she went, but, if she goes back often, she might get me into serious trouble with purists. Snootily written, eh? Something tells me I know those books. But I do cling to them. My grandchildren have adopted some strange form of English that evolved in a world of text and tweet, and I am not taking graciously to it.

  8. Did New England beat the Browns ? Or did the Browns beat the Browns. They are good at that you know. Silibant the sound a defective whoopee cushion makes when someone sits on it… Happy Monday Dan… PS – I stopped worrying who beat the Browns years ago. It is just a game. Hmmm maybe silibant is the sound a defective football makes when the Browns sit on it…

    • Somehow your comment to Dan got sent to me. First time I ever saw the rule about sibilant sounds applied to football! Thanks for visiting, John!

  9. Duh. I am gonna guess I did not pay attention ! Love that autumn picture. Thanks Oddment !

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