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13 thoughts on “November 5.21: Coping

  1. I repeat myself, but Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. I have a Coneflower , Hydrangea, and four Knockout Roses all blooming while the temps have dropped at night into the 20’s. As a gardener, I sit here and say hmmm.

    • Wow. Roses, coneflowers, and hydrangeas blooming at those temperatures? That is very weird indeed, and I think gardeners get uneasy with this much weirdness. I go back and forth, sometimes wishing I knew what Mother Nature is trying to tell me, and other times wondering if I really want to know. She’s sure got our attention.

  2. You bring out the beauty of a rainy day and a whacked out nature. I have to cup back the honeysuckle that owns a portion of our fence but it;s still blooming!

  3. I’m sure that it does! I bet Maddie knows too, but she won’t tell any more than the honeysuckle will.

  4. Indeed, this has been a very strange autumn. I was still harvesting peppers and tomatoes up until a couple of days ago! Beautiful depiction of a rainy fall/spring day in words and photo.

  5. Tickled Pink!
    If this doesn’t say “Cheer Up”, I don’t know what would.

    • “Tickled pink” is such a great expression! I agree there is something very cheerful about pink, and it really seems to be deliberate in the midst of such dreariness.

  6. We have river tentacles on our windows at the moment too. It seems strange for one sister to be so very much younger than the others. 5th November is fireworks night here – perhaps this flower wanted to join in with a small explosion of colour.

    • Strange indeed. Who can understand? I like the notion that this late sister just might want to be part of the fireworks. My sympathies on the river tentacles; they can be dreary.

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