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October 13.21: Coping



This is gardener’s smuggery:

hoorah of zinnia frillery

despite cotton-tailed skullduggery.


(Apologies to Aretha.)

Yes, dear reader, this is that poor chomped zinnia that I mourned a while back. It recovered and set itself to showing those rabbits a thing or two about resolve. I might not have the zinnia patch I’d planned and dreamed of last March, but I sure got a brilliant pink sneer at the rabbits.

7 thoughts on “October 13.21: Coping

  1. Beautiful! Take that you rabbits. 🙂 This will make you feel better. I planted a whole tray of zinnias last spring, and set them all out to provide color. I had one that survived and saw one blossom. No rabbits here (knock on wood) but I guess they didn’t like the constant dose of rain we had. Enjoy those beautiful because they’ll probably last until your first frost. 🙂

    • I like that — I should put up a sign: “Take that, you rabbits!” However, I have to admit I’d probably word it less politely.

      Your poor zinnias! That’s a lot of color lost. I think you’re right that these will last until the first frost, and I’ll enjoy every minute!

  2. This bot of revenge is beautiful, Maureen. Maybe that will teach the bunny that, if you leave them alone, there’s enough zinnias for everyone.

    • You are much more optimistic about rabbits than I am, but I’d love to think that you could be right that rabbits would learn such a lesson. I have plenty of clover for them to pig out on, after all!

  3. Those cotton-tails did you a favour, it seems, summer pruning the zinnias. I think you may owe them some carrots.

    • “Summer pruning” indeed! Those infernal eating machines! I must confess, though, that the image of me leaving thank-you carrots for them made me laugh. I think even the rabbits would laugh.

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