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September 17.21: Coping


September stands tall

between spring’s childhood

and winter’s dotage,

a bit round perhaps

with pumpkin paunch,

its brow gold-speckled,

but vital still.

One leaf, two leaves,

abacus of mortality,


in quiet obedience

to the authority of time.

A cicada sings of ennui,

its sleepy notes sticking to

wet morning air

where August lingers.



9 thoughts on “September 17.21: Coping

  1. I love the header shot and the marigold. My marigolds are still looking good, and the bees are happy, happy. I’ve already started with the pumpkin flavoring. I’m always anxious for it to arrive and miss it when it’s gone. Yesterday, I enjoyed a childhood favorite – a date bar. We have an old fashioned bakery/cafe (started in 1932) here in town, and they still make date bars. Love them and reminds me of wonderful desserts made by my Aunt when I was a child. Happy September 17, Maureen.

    • Thanks, Judy! The header is a shot from a previous garden, from a summer when I had a real zinnia patch and the butterflies came daily. The marigolds are some that have defied this year’s rabbits and, yes, all kinds of buzzing things are visiting them. I am always in awe of their colors. I needn’t say that the mere words “old fashioned bakery” got to me! I remember how that sweet air hit me as soon as I walked in. The date bars sound wonderful indeed. I remember there used to be a date bar mix, and it was what I considered a pantry staple. I think I’d like your aunt a lot.

      A happy day to you too!

  2. The photos are beautiful, Maureen, and I love the idea of September having a pumpkin paunch. We are entering my favorite time of the year.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Such vibrant colors! and if rabbits don’t favor their flavor, then this is the ticket for next year garden.

    • The colors are amazing, aren’t they? I’m not sure about the marigolds and rabbits; it used to be that rabbits wouldn’t touch marigolds, but that has changed. This year they chewed the marigolds to the ground; what I have now was hard-won. I think the rabbits are evolving to eat whatever suburbs are growing.

  4. I seem to see September very clearly through your words. The sleepy sticky song in the wet morning air is evocative too.

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