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September 9.21: Coping


Harvest comes soon,

the greens rich and deep,

how touchable, sniffable

the twining leafed keep.

A scruffy-kneed gardener

with nails edged in black

beams notwithstanding

the crick in his back.

It’s ever a miracle —

don’t try to explain

how seeds and a longing

are linked in life’s chain.



With thanks again to my back-yard gardener son,

for both the photo op and the basil!



8 thoughts on “September 9.21: Coping

  1. That’s some mighty fine looking basil so I applaud your gardening son too. 👏🏻 Happy Thursday, raining here.

  2. I like that. It has a very nice flow.

    Harvest is upon us. This year’s has been diminished by, apparently, raccoons, but we will enjoy what we get.

    • Thanks, Dan. Yes, the critters have sure got first dibs on things this year; I hope when they ask a blessing on their food they ask a blessing on us too!

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