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September 1.21: Coping


The humble crumble

butter and flour,

sugar, of course,

for superpower.

Bumply roof

for muffin, cake

takes the edge off

pain and ache.

A sure Rx

for life’s annoyance,


to smile and buoyance.

There’s crunch

no matter where it’s put,

betwixt the teeth

or underfoot.

The perfect jewel

on nose or chin,

timeless fashion,

lap or skin.

Childhood’s lesson,

ever sweet:

it’s no fun

to be too neat.

Many thanks to Judy for her wonderful vegetable recipe!

May it be a blessing on your September, dear reader!

6 thoughts on “September 1.21: Coping

  1. You’re welcome. I’m always glad to share my ‘vegetable’ recipes. 🙂

  2. I am seriously hungry for crumb cake now. You ladies make a great team!

  3. I had to look up Rx. I was not sure what to think. But yes, indeed.

    I watched a BBC programme last night showing an emergency mental health support team handing out a bag of food selected from a box of donations to people who called them for crisis help. A small box of chocolates was pointedly put on top as the best thing they had to tide them over until better help could be given, other than comforting words. It was tragic from the people suffering and the state point of view and heartwarming to see kind people doing their best with not enough resources.

    • That is so exactly right. A box of chocolates seems like a small thing but sends such a big message. God bless people who provide such comfort — they were never more needed.

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