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August 28.21: Coping


My son’s back yard

yields prodigiously,


because rabbit-free.

So I have tomatoes

in my grandma’s old bowl —

what better emblem

of summer’s warm soul?

Such joy to the eye,

such promise of bliss —

the Louvre should have

such beauty as this!



11 thoughts on “August 28.21: Coping

  1. That’s a wonderful sight. To me, that means there’s enough tomatoes for me to have a tomato sandwich. Mmmm

  2. I like ‘summer’s warm soul’. I’m trying to guess how big that bowl (and so, the biggest tomato) might be. You and Dan have reminded me of being remembered year to year for ordering a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich in Jackson ‘because there’s only you orders it’. I doubt there is a more common toasted sandwich in Lancashire, though our tomatoes tend not to be so big or so luscious.

    • And I like “there’s only you orders it”! A cheese and tomato toasted sandwich sounds heavenly to me. As to size, it occurred to me too late to place a ruler next to this happy arrangement. The bowl is a bit over 8″ in diameter, and the tomato is probably about half that in diameter — it was a stretch for my hand to wrap around it! It had a lovely heft (note past tense).

  3. šŸ™‚ I love this – three generations of tomato lovers. Applause to your son for his efforts and his lack of rabbits. I have so many I’m not sure what to do with them. They are about played out so if I figure out something to do with this bounty, I should be fine. If only they went into a dessert recipe, I’d be all set. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the laugh! If I should come across any tomato desserts, I’ll let you know! I’d suggest freezing them but I’m thinking there is a NO VACANCY sign on your freezer. I hope you find some takers for those gorgeous tomatoes; they are such a treat right from the garden! And, yes, growing tomatoes is a genetic thing for us.

  4. Absolutely nothing as delicious as tomatoes that ripened on the vine. A celebration of flavor, scent and visual delight.

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