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9 thoughts on “August 25.21: Coping

  1. 🙂 I’m thinking news and weather, which have both become a form of gossip, he said she said. 🙂 Happy Wednesday, my friend.

    • You make a very good point. Happy Wednesday to you, too! It’s a happy one here because we are finally getting rain, which I know doesn’t sound very happy to you, given how waterlogged you are. We’ve had the whole thing: thunder, lightning, wind, and good steady rain. The marigolds are tap-dancing.

  2. Hahaha – self-fertilizing flowers. It’s a great concept. Maybe you should water them with a little wine mixed in 😉

    • It’s not that I would exactly begrudge them the wine but I’d really rather drink it myself. Besides, that gaura already looks a little tipsy.

  3. Gauras may well gossip – it’s hard to argue from their body language that they do not – and these have discovered fertile ground with one of their own in a geranium’s embrace. I read a book this week that attributed gossip to some of early humans’ advance, if I understood correctly, but I can’t see a future historian saying the same of click bait.

    • That’s an interesting perspective on gossip — it was maybe a form of self-defense? As for future historians, I cringe to think of what they will say about this time. I envision a lot of disbelief.

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