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August 18.21: Coping


I’ve planted my person

on many a seat,

but the best was there

on Summer Street.

Grandma’s porch

with swing for two,

where summer breezes

lazied through,

was where I learned

what sages know:

if I want to be quick

I must first be slow.

Back and forth,

I moved unmoving,

Grandma too,

our own kind of grooving.

Words fell away,

we floated as one;

I can still feel her housedress

all cottony spun.

The cricket sang softly,

far ice cream bells jingled

a summon to vespers

with leaf whispers mingled.

So today a swing sighting

is potently rife

with certainties given

to last all my life.

A Coke for the world

was a once wishful sing,

but I’d write new words

and wish it a swing.


Yet more thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

for this wonderful portrait of invitation.



9 thoughts on “August 18.21: Coping

  1. Beautiful! My grandparents had a glider on a screened in front porch. I sat there with my grandma to handle fresh veggies and fruits from the garden like hulling strawberries, shucking corn, cleaning beans, and shelling peas. Oh, how my thumbs would hurt. 🙂 The ‘cotton dress’ took me back to those my grandmother wore. I can see her in my mind, and it makes me smile about everything except the clothing. She gardened in that dress with hose and shoes with short chunky heels. Me, I garden in jeans, loose t-shirt, and ratty old New Balance shoes. 🙂 I hope you have a marvelous day, Maureen, because you sure got mine started off right.

    • Thanks, Judy! You understand perfectly! Yes, the porch on Summer Street was also screened in. It’s fun to imagine me with my grandma and you with your grandma all swinging back and forth as we learn early life lessons from them. I love your description of the contrast in work clothes! “Ratty” is such a good word for my work clothes, but I certainly never saw Grandma work in anything but a dress. She would not have known what to do with any kind of pants, let alone jeans! I lift my coffee cup in salute to grandmas in cotton dresses on swings!

  2. Like Judy, my grandparents had a glider. I learned many things while slowly rocking back and forth Thanks for helping me remember those days with your beautiful words. I hope you have a great day. Thanks for starting mine with a smil.

  3. Such a beautiful, nostalgic poem. It brings up vivid memories. Thank you.

    • It sounds as though you too are one of the lucky ones to have a special swing in your life. Little did we know back then how long those swings would stay with us!

  4. Very evocative – I love the swinging rhythm. My Mama was swingless, but would only ever have gardened in a skirt or dress, so I think she could demand to be added. I don’t think I ever saw her in trousers.

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