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August 12.21: Coping


This unpleasant-looking fellow

appears to think that he

has right of way and title

to private property.

I am sure I heard harrumph!

as I dared to hover near;

suspiciously he eyed me

with arrogant bug leer.

“My mentor was a Klingon”

(how absurdly braggadocious)

“who considered me outstanding,

in point of fact, precocious.”

“Cloaking device engaged!”

he proclaimed as he lifted and veered

to a multi-green leafy lilac

and forthwith disappeared.



8 thoughts on “August 12.21: Coping

  1. With his attitude and great camouflage with green on green, he owns the area. 🙂 This fluctuating weather certainly has provided a plethora of insects and pests of all shapes and sizes. It’s buggy out there! 🙂 Hope you are staying cool. We’re going up to 105°F and swamp like humidity this afternoon. Yuck. 🥵

    • I sympathize and empathize! Ditto here! The heat and humidity together are brutal; this is weather only the bugs can like. I intend to stay out of it as much as possible, and I hope you can do the same. Yuck indeed.

  2. I think his cloaking system is top notch. He’s a cutie, but I give you credit for even finding him.

  3. Just imagine if we grew to look like our surroundings. One katydid looks cute (a guinea pig of a bug) to me. I only see a mock-grumpy look, the sort easily seen through that melts away into a smile when tested. Having said that, an ocean away makes a big difference. If one suddenly appeared on my baby delphiniums, I’d be near fainting with horror.

    • Goodness, what a thought: a beast like this on baby delphiniums would be horror indeed! In all fairness to this long-legged leaf, I have to admit that he may well have had only a mock-grumpy look. Or maybe this is how he looks when he smiles. And what if we really are growing to look like our surroundings? There’s a thought to lose sleep by!

  4. Astounding camouflage. The photo is so good, I can even see his ‘antennas’.

    • Astounding indeed! When he flew onto the lilac bush, even though I watched him land, I lost him immediately. He posed well for the camera; I think he knew I was going to blog him.

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