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July 24.21: Coping


Microbially small against the clouds,

a fearless speck of bird

whose fury I could feel

jetted in short,




the massive hawk,


sky stalker,




I held my breath,

afraid, almost,

to think that

what matters

is not our size

but what we defend.



10 thoughts on “July 24.21: Coping

  1. That’s beautiful! I love that thought. Excellent!

  2. I agree, it’s all about what we defend that ultimately defines us.

  3. You’re feeling deep today. I get it. šŸ™‚ Hope you are well and enjoying a nice weekend.

    • There’s a whole lot to feel deep about, yes? I sure was pulling for that tiny bird. A good weekend to you, too, Judy — hot and sticky here.

      • I’m watching the ‘local’ news right now that I keep hitting mute on because I can’t take much more bad news from every corner of the world. Yes, I’ll pull for that tiny bird too!

      • I have been in a real struggle with myself about the news; I know I have to be aware, especially in this country, but there’s only so much boorishness and idiocy I can tolerate. Yes, keep that mute button handy! And we’ll pull together for the tiny bird!

  4. A very apt poem for our age. I’m glad your muse has returned. I found a tiny broken blue egg like this on the edge of moorland in quite a magical dell of birch trees and was so excited I insisted on my sister going to see it.

    • Yes, the muse came back very suddenly. I hope she sticks around for a while; that was a long dry spell. To find a bit of blue egg in a “magical dell of birch trees” would be a wonder, and absolutely would have to be shared. What a lovely image!

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