In search of story

July 7.21: Coping


Street art has found a place

in cultural domain;

the spider looks upon it

with the master’s cold disdain.

His webby muse inspires

despite the hours of tedium

to pattern and to form

with gossamer as medium.

In gallery of flowerpots

the moon and sun elide,

performatively joined

on thinnest thready slide.

By night the moon plucks lightly

each string in placid rondo;

by day a somersaulting sun

cavorts in bright glissando.

Known only to the artist

where spinnings stir and start,

sufficient to the self

is ephemera of the art.

So the noiseless patient spider,

in retreat of sweet alyssum,

abjures the common cult

of crass commercialism.


With apologies and thanks to Walt Whitman’s

“A Noiseless Patient Spider.”



15 thoughts on “July 7.21: Coping

  1. I love a spider web. It reminds me that Mother Nature and her many minions are the true artists of the world. 🙂 Good to hear from you and hope you are well.

    • Thanks, Judy! My muse has given herself a summer vacation, I think. I have mixed feelings about the webs; I am in awe when they hold raindrops, but not so much when I walk into one. You’re right about the artists of the world: Mother Nature and her minions!

  2. Very well done. Some artists work in the quiet corners.

    • Thank you! There’s something to be said for quiet corners, as your cats have shown with the fine art of napping.

  3. Natural street art is definitely the best street art.

  4. There seem to be a great abundance of art “installations” this summer. I especially enjoyed the music made by sun and moon.

  5. I had to contend with the artefacts of many, many web muses in order to pick wild wimberries on the moor. I wish I’d have seen this earlier so I could have thought of them all as street art – or bush art. I liked the idea of the moon playing tunes on them.

  6. I absolutely see your point: some things in life are worth the willies!

  7. I found you via Dan’s blog, so “hi!” Your poem is lovely. I like seeing spider webs in the distance, shimmering with drops of water, but as for the makers of the webs, not a big fan.

    • HI back! And thanks for your kind words and for the visit! As for those web spinners, I give them permission to live in the garden, and I do admire their artwork there. But indoors? Euw! I’m with you: not a big fan!

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