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June 23.21: Coping


Life always was a head-scratcher, but recently more than usual.

For one thing, WordPress got all weird on my computer. No way could I get into it last week.  Eventually it came back but my security program blasted bright red warnings about dangerous and suspicious connections. On WordPress?

I got a new phone from AT&T. Free. Sorry, folks, but I don’t believe anything is free. It’s a flip-top to replace the one that they’re making obsolete. I still haven’t found the strings but I know they’re attached. I took the plunge and started to read the blurbs that came with it. Chapter One: Safety.

OK, so my Mensa invitation didn’t really get lost in the mail, but still I’m smart enough to know that if you’re going to write instructional materials you should tell your reader what your abbreviations mean before page 20. That aside, I learned that I shouldn’t paint or bend my phone, and that no part of the human body should come too close to the antenna, which is inside. Do I put the phone in the kitchen and then go to the living room and yell at it?

You know the rabbits have destroyed most of my flowers. Now I’ve lost the tomatoes. I looked at the poor tomato plants and just shook my head. Since when do rabbits eat tomato plants?

I stood in the vast echo chamber of Lowe’s lumber department asking myself the eternal question: where’s the person who can tell me the difference between quarter-round and shoe molding?

I think there are times in life when we don’t even want the answers any more. A rocking chair and glass of wine will do. Rocking chair optional.



8 thoughts on “June 23.21: Coping

  1. I only hit ‘like’ because it is good to see you back on line. 🙂 Since I learned the basics of the Editor, WordPress has been working okay. Although every week I get an email telling me what they’ve added, and I pray it doesn’t interfere with what little I do. A free phone is definitely a topic all by itself as is the safety of any of these phones that most carry everywhere including the bathroom. I don’t think Alexander Graham Bell ever considered that. 🙂 Rabbits and tomatoes, huh, those guys are really hungry because normally they don’t like them. How lucky are you? 🙂 I’ve got something eating each and every Dahlia flower. They chomp them off and spit them on the ground. Yuck, and I’m so glad I over wintered them all to have green leaves. 🙂 Shopping at Lowes or HD is a real challenge as some employees stand around and chat with each other. I’m to the point that I do all my research on line including what aisle and bay the item is located in before I go. I take a photo of the screen and head out. Now, when I still can’t find it like last week, I have to track someone down and hope they have worked there longer than a week. 🙂

    • I couldn’t help laughing. Employees who have worked longer than a week? I think this might be the way of things for a while. Honestly, after you’ve done all that research online, it seems to me that Lowe’s should pay you!

      Every time I think I’m going to tackle the problem of the Block Editor, something else happens that takes what little brain I have and Block Editor gets put off. And these rabbits! My neighbor had her houseplants sunning on her deck and the rabbits got them! I don’t see how they could be hungry — they’re devouring everything. It is awful that you’ve lost dahlias – they are so gorgeous, and after you’ve wintered them so carefully!

      I do wonder what Mr. Bell would think about phones now. Something tells me he’d love them.

  2. I’m sorry about the head scratching moments. The last time I asked a person in Home Depot for help he opened the app on his phone. Then he asked me if the thing i was looking for might be called something else. Bone are the days where you can say “I need to do this…” and have someone help you. Our rabbits don’t eat tomatoes but the chipmunks do. I hope WordPress behaves better and good luck with ATT – And, you know, keep that phone away from…

    • ….everything?

      I can’t imagine that any of your furry friends would have room for things like tomatoes after all those gigantic peanuts! Anyway, I didn’t have tomatoes yet, just the plants. They sure don’t seem like good eating to me!

      Your point about employees pulling out phones is well taken. But that’s when you can find an actual person. And the fact is that most of those actual persons are very nice when found. My fingers have got a work-out from scratching recently, and that’s another fact.

  3. I was missing in action largely myself but did have time to wonder where you were. Nice to see you back. I once knew a man who wrote instructions for a living and, although I often say everyone is eccentric; everyone is normal, he only hovered around the edge of normality. I hope the glass of wine helped – as you know, if all else fails, you can paint with it.

    • I’m glad you’re back too! As for painting with wine, I’m not sure much would get to the canvas, but I’m certainly intrigued by the idea. The wine painter in your post seemed to be very assured of that medium.

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