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April 28.21: Coping


The frizble connects to the whatnot,

the whozzis fits under the thing,

don’t ever mistake the doohickey

for the updated technomajing.

Thus is this whatchamacallit

in aperture, appendage, and bloat

an eloquent manifestation

of gibberish with which I am smote.

It’s the shape of my grandchildren’s planet,

a world they inhabit with ease,

conversing in hieroglyphed newspeak,

fluent in emojieese.

Their view of the world is brand new,

just the way that it really should be;

I grudgingly grant I am miffed

that it gets along fine without me.



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.



12 thoughts on “April 28.21: Coping

  1. Ain’t that the truth! Do you think it has something to do with age and the simple times we grew up in? 🙂 Remember when they said men and women were from Mars and Venus? Which planet do you think our grandkids are from? Pluto? 🙂

    • I’m impressed! Lewis Carroll.

      • Thank you, Lewis! You may have noticed that the first stanza can be sung handily to the tune of “Ma Bonny lice soda devotion.” (Or something like that.)

      • There seems to be something weird about the comments. I don’t know who is getting what reply, but that’s in keeping with the general goofiness of the times.

    • Ah, there’s the question: what planet indeed? Did our grandparents feel the same distance from us? I don’t think so! But wouldn’t you love to hear their take on things today?

  2. I think someone has captured part of a pig from outer space and is moving it to a secret location and you have blown their cover with this. I imagine things have always seemed shockingly different in the space of three generations. Slang and fashion have a tendency to exclude.
    Oh, and I read a word today you might find interesting – syzygy.

    • That is an excellent theory! I must ask Bill if he has seen any more of these. Maybe the rest of the pig has been spotted somewhere else! As to syzygy, I can only say that my brain almost imploded. What an awesome word! Its appearance and pronunciation seem as mystic as its meaning. Thank you!

  3. Laughed out loud! You are very good.

  4. Very nicely done. I like this a lot. I think that thing should be painted red.

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