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April 22.21: Coping


The hydrangea and the crabapple tree

awoke in frozen state.

“Remind me,” said each to the other,

“what is the real date?”

They shivered and shrugged

and tried to remember

if they slept through the summer

and woke up in December.


Thus, below freezing, did yesterday begin. And thus did we shiver through the day. Blossoms on the trees held a hundred times their weight in heavy snow, and thus did pink and white branches lie broken on the ground. We had hail, snow, rain, bright sunshine, perfect calm, roaring winds and thunder in dizzying display, and thus did Nature growl at us to take nothing for granted.


Wishing you a good Earth Day, dear reader!

7 thoughts on “April 22.21: Coping

  1. Happy Earth Day to you! Now, if Mother Nature could figure out what season it is all of the plants would send her a special thank you. 🙂 32 degrees this morning, and it looks like it is going to be dark and cloudy all day but no rain. Rain we need, dark and cloudy could go away. Happy Thursday, Maureen. 🌲

  2. Thanks, Judy, and a happy Thursday to you! Indeed I begin to wonder if we really have seasons any more. Who can tell? You are so right that dark and cloudy can go away; we have enough dark clouds in life at the moment, and, besides, gardeners need to get out and play!

  3. It was a dramatic Earth Day for you then. While the Earth is growling its virtuosity, I think the trees need hot water bottles.

    • Now there’s an image! Yes, the trees would have snuggled right up to hot water bottles. As would I. It got VERY cold, and I did not approve.

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