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April 14.21: Coping


I hate the isolation,

the sameness of the days,

the clouds of obfuscation

that politicians raise.

I hate the guns and beatings,

our bloody violent spate,

the toxic finger-pointing —

in sum, I hate the hate.

My scowl has been perfected,

my grumpiness assured,

my energy and spirit

effectively tonsured.

That is why the pansy

is at my closed front door,

hermetically sealed

against the global gore.

Such little flower that nods

congenial purple hope

can compensate for certain

resident misanthrope.

So if there’s a cheery face

as my homey welcome sign,

you know that it’s the pansy’s;

it most surely isn’t mine.



9 thoughts on “April 14.21: Coping

  1. Amen! You said it for a lot of us. The sad hits keep coming with no end in sight, but that beautiful little pansy can’t help but make one smile. Thank you for that. šŸ™‚

    • Isn’t that just the sweetest face ever? I have three big pots of pansies at the front door right now and sometimes I just sit on the stoop and watch them. Pansy therapy!

      Thanks so much for recommending Dan’s blog, No Facilities. Wow, what a great blog that is! I cannot find a post about verse block in particular, but I did find his latest post about the Block Editor and it made my head spin! I am going to read it again, of course, and try to catch on to at least part of it. Meanwhile, I will thoroughly enjoy his blog.

    • P.S. to my earlier reply: I found Dan’s post about the Verse Block! A miracle (for me, not Dan). Thank you!

  2. I hope the verse block has the powers of giving a certain resident misanthrope a smile to rival the broadest-beaming pansy. I’ve been trying not to do too much doomscrolling (a great word, if a terrible thing) on my phone, as the news is still very sad and depressing, but I find it harder to stop than it ought to be. And of course we lost Prince Philip, which I was very sorry about.

    • The death of Prince Philip seems to be a turning for us here and maybe for the world. I have often thought about the history Queen Elizabeth has lived. She has talked with Winston Churchill! That boggles my mind. Prince Philip was part of that pageant and there is a deep sense of a closing book, I think, as your country comes to terms with what his death means. It certainly came at a dark hour. I know that many are intrigued by the ways and fashions of the younger Windsors, but older people see the fading of their generation. Maybe that is as it should be.

      As to the verse block, the blog “No Facilities” blew me away! He’s so good! That doesn’t mean I understand what he says, but I think that if I keep reading his directions I might start to catch on to something. Oh, I would out-beam the pansy!

      • I would be beaming too!

        I am a royalist in general although not always in particular. I’ve long been a fan of Prince Philip and always wished that our media would say some nice things about him while he was alive. It was obvious that were he to die, a flood of tributes would emerge. Instead they ruthlessly mocked and endlessly repeated every wrong statement he ever made in a life of service under the same glare of publicity that other royals have bitterly complained about with much justification. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have younger generations judge your life purely from a fantasy version with high viewing figures. My lasting image is of the 97 year old man, inspecting the troops in the rain, doffing his hat to them in respect.

      • I love that image that you keep; it honors age and experience. You make a good point about those who try to view “from a fantasy version.”

      • Oh, and revisiting the poem, Prince Philip could be as grumpy as they come.

      • In that case, he and I would get along well. I hope there’s a pansy in his funeral flowers.

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