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April 7.21: Coping


Until the next pandemic

we’ll pack our masks away;

I’ve no idea when,

but it will be some day.

They’ll go into the drawer

inscribed The Fibber McGee,

where souvenirs and remnants

await next century.

When comes that barefaced day

we hug with glad impunity,

when everyone is safe

with ’round-the globe immunity,

I think that I might feel

a twinge of slight regret

and miss that unloved sign

of one-for-all mindset.

I’ll miss the muffled greeting of

“Hey, I like your mask!”

acclaimed by passerby

I didn’t even ask.

And then I must return

to pre-pandemic place

where no one ever hails me

with “Hey, I like your face!”




4 thoughts on “April 7.21: Coping

  1. Thank you for the laugh out loud moment here. With regard to wearing a mask, the #1 positive after staying safe is I’ve applied makeup a half a dozen times in the past year and all for Zoom meetings. 🙂 The different masks are interesting and show personality, but I can’t say I like the creepy ones. We were trying to carry on a conversation with a person with double masks on and a face shield. Now, that was almost impossible. 🙂

    • And thank you for the same! Yes, the masks sure saved on makeup, and during those weeks I looked like an eggplant I was very happy to wear a mask. I cannot imagine trying to talk with someone wearing two masks and a face shield, or with a creepy mask. Adjusting to faces once again, whenever that happens, will take some doing. Imagine trying to recognize people we met when we were all masked. This will be fun.

  2. I laughed out loud too. It doesn’t seem long since we were looking very doubtfully at ourselves in them for the first time and now we pull them on with hardly a thought. I’m raising my glass of sparkling water to the day we put them away in the drawer. I had to look up the Fibber McGee reference.

    • Now you know about Fibber McGee’s closet! It’s amazing what we learn on our blogs, isn’t it? My water isn’t sparkling, but I’ll raise it anyway to that day we pack away the masks. Indeed we’ve become accustomed to them. I am grateful for the good they have done and still do. I was especially grateful for them when my face looked like an eggplant.

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