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March 19.21: Coping


When metaphor is obvious,

should writer take the bait?

Should she write what all can see,

then self-excoriate?

Such conundrum filled my head

as I marveled at the sky;

two swells of salmon brilliance,

sharp blue widened my eye.

But intruding on the beauty,

unwelcome imposition,

a bar of light reflected

like ghostly apparition.

It came from light behind me,

insubstantial, weightless thing,

reflection like a wall

blocking, interfering.

Herein the metaphor,

the cliché all writers dread:

how often what’s behind us

interferes with what’s ahead.



4 thoughts on “March 19.21: Coping

  1. Wise beyond your years – “how often what’s behind us interferes with what’s ahead.” Is there a webinar on that? 🙂 My husband has always said that we all carry a sack of rocks through life. The size, timing and weight all depend upon life experiences. With all this isolation this past year, we’ve had a lot of time for thinking. Hopefully with the vaccine distribution ramping up, that salmon brilliance will be what we can all focus on.

    • Well said! We do indeed need to focus on that salmon sunrise! Your husband is so right about that sack of rocks; those can be some heavy lumps to tote around.

  2. There are new-fangled ways of removing interference from pictures, such as a programme called Photoshop. You can copy a dark bit and use it to paint it over the reflections. Your picture is truer, though your words have made me think that any scene is a truth filtered by light. Light itself seems to be ‘photoshopping’ the landscape on the go, heaping darkness over detail, and salmoning the sunrise.

    • I like that: light is the original Photoshop! “Heaping darkness over detail, and salmoning the sunrise” has, to my ear, a gorgeous cadence. I still labor over what makes poetry, but I suspect such cadence qualifies.

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