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8 thoughts on “March 15.21: Coping

  1. You covered it. Winter is holding on at least here. -8 degrees wind chill this morning, and a big news article on how we are not out of drought status. And, here all I can think about is spring and gardening. Reality – it bites. 🙂 Happy Monday.

    • Thanks for the laugh! I just ran out into the reality here to lug garbage bin and recycling bin back into the garage. The rain was already frozen on them! These old legs did quite the driveway dash, believe me! Happy Monday to you too, Judy!

  2. Beautiful words.

  3. Although it sure doesn’t feel like, I’m convinced spring is coming! Striking photo and hopeful words.

  4. I often find myself wondering where the intention is in a tree… the buds do seem a pretty good place to start looking. If not intention, certainly a promise.

    Surprising too how early some trees and shrubs produce buds.

    • I think a tree is not easily understood. Take that wonderful gnarly tree in your photo today from Williamsburg; if that tree isn’t performing, I’d be amazed. The tulips are such a focused audience! As for early buds, I really do question the sanity of some Indiana bushes and shrubs. They start budding way before winter is done. Oh! And my crocuses are up! Just — blam! — overnight. There are maybe four or five, and all glowing purple. The yellow hasn’t appeared yet. I danced a crocus jig, of course. Cautiously.

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