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March 5.21: Coping


Do they think they sing?

Can they be so deluded

to imagine their noise

sounds dulcet and fluted?

Do they look in the mirror

and see sweet warbling wrens?

What’s in their water —


Each blats like a semi

but thinks it’s a peep?

I ponder this nightly

in honk-battered sleep.



8 thoughts on “March 5.21: Coping

  1. I suppose it’s music to their ears, only!

  2. p.s. Happy birthday tomorrow!

  3. Too funny. I love looking at them but have never lived close enough to have to listen to them or clean up after them. I remember a gardening friend a couple of years ago who tried everything on the web to get rid of them. It was rather hilarious the extent to which they went. 🙂

    • I do understand going to great lengths to get rid of these icky birds. I don’t know why they can’t just go back to Canada.

  4. I really sympathise. Can you manage to sleep in earplugs? You’ve reminded me of renting a room in a farmhouse midweek. I came back one weekend and was woken at dawn by three miniature cockerels that had been placed in a cage under my window. They took it in turns to crow until I was one thirds hallucinating, two thirds imagining wringing their necks.

    • I would not feel obligated to thank the person who put them there. Dear heavens! I haven’t tried ear plugs. Neck-wringers really have more appeal.

      • I didn’t either. It was one of the few times I raised an objection. There was luckily plenty of space and they were relocated. It is a bit more tricky with wild birds. You could perhaps sing really, really loud next to them and hope they appreciate your music as little as you appreciate theirs.

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