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February 26.21: Coping


A bird in the hand

is better (it’s said)

than two in the bush,

but I’d say instead

that a bird in the bush

is the very best thing

when you long for a sign

there may one day be spring.

Yes, he is scarfed

and wearing his hat,

but his bright eye belies

any torpor in that.

He’s ready to nest,

and, oh, how he sings!

so sure is his heart

of seeds and of wings.



6 thoughts on “February 26.21: Coping

  1. Yep – he knows: spring is just around the corner!

  2. The days are longer each day, the sun is shining more, and the snow is melting just a little each day. Makes us happy doesn’t it? 🙂

    • We are trying very hard to put a smile on all this. There’s a great effort, but the effort is worth something. That bright black eye in my chickadee friend was truly reassuring.

  3. I like his hat and scarf and feel cheered by the determination you point out. I was worried about our birds in the recent cold weather. I’d have been much happier if they’d all had hats and scarves.

    • I think the chickadee is a particularly farsighted bird and arrives in my back yard much better prepared than that shivering bluebird. You’re right to worry about the poor things. Feathers on such little bodies seem hardly adequate.

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