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February 22.21: Coping



Today, dear reader, is George Washington’s birthday. It makes me think of old friendships. No, I didn’t know George.

There are four of us — Ann, Donna, Bill and I — who have our birthdays in consecutive months starting in November and ending today. I have declared — and therefore it is so — that we don’t turn the next age until the last one does. That would be Bill, the intrepid photographer. We don’t turn until he does, and then we all turn together. There is no way he gets to be the youngest.

Ann and I went to kindergarten, grade school, high school together, and ended up in the same college sorority. Bill and Donna and I have a friendship forged in homeroom and in the high school parking lot at 3:00AM as we gathered for “away meets” for speech and debate. The four of us grew up together. I am beyond grateful that we are growing old together.

So today I think about ancient friendships. Although we often make wonderful friends along life’s way, sometimes we are lucky enough to have friends who knew our parents, who knew the homes we grew up in. I marvel at this often, but particularly on February 22.

I lift a celebratory mug of coffee in salute to ancient friendships, and I wish them for you, dear reader.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg,

and to Mama Rosa’s, Hampton, VA.

4 thoughts on “February 22.21: Coping

  1. May I say you are one lucky woman to have these three special friends. I know you know that, but most of us are not that lucky so enjoy the great feeling of long treasured friends. Happy Birthday to George too, but I didn’t know him either. 🙂

    • Thanks for the laugh! We only FEEL as though we knew him! Yes, I know how lucky I am; it is an absolute wonder to have those growing-up years shared with others at this age. I have often reflected on your comment last year about how hard it is to make friends at this age. It is indeed. Meeting people is easy, but making friends is not. And what a difference that makes to life, even in the good times, let alone in a time like this!

  2. So glad you are all still celebrating your birthday tradition and lifelong connection.

  3. Thanks, Tamara! Our celebrations might be a bit earlier in the evening than they used to be, but that’s OK!

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