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16 thoughts on “February 3.21: Coping

  1. Beautiful. I still have my red and white Amaryllis blooming, and I had a Walking Iris bloom yesterday. I’m enjoying each one as I gaze out at a winter wonderland. It certainly makes for a contrast. 🙂

    • That sounds so wonderful, most especially with the winter background! I’m guessing “contrast” is an understatement at this point. I hope the storm is letting up there.

  2. Did you take this photograph? I like it a lot! The last two (of eight) blooms on my red amaryllis, a gift from a dear friend, are now withering. I took lots of photos of it during the course of the blooms, but never thought to take one straight down like this. I wish I had.

    • I did take it, and went through all manner of gymnastics to do so! I wanted so badly to show all four blooms and I had the very dickens of a time doing it. I’m glad you like it! This too is a gift from a dear friend. Matter of fact, it’s the same one I wrote a bout a few weeks ago. This is such an elegant flower! Maybe you can catch yours from the top next time it blooms.

  3. Love the angle and the flower. I bought a ‘Red Lion’ Amaryllis bulb this year and hope to keep it going for next year. If you have any special tips, let me know.

    • Yes, I would like that too!

      • As you can tell from my reply to Tamara, it’s a matter of luck for me whether they rebloom. I’m hoping Donna has some suggestions for us.

    • I wish! Sometimes an amaryllis will re-bloom for me, but usually not. I think my friend Donna keeps them going forever. I have three going right now, including this one, but the two from previous years are not blooming. I’ve decided to put them all outside this summer before I put them in autumn storage. I’ve not tried that before. Maybe summer sunshine will help them store more energy for re-blooming. Donna, if you read this, jump in with your wisdom!

  4. I have no suggestions about how to get reblooms unfortunately. I just ignore and sometimes it happens. One of mine is sending new stalks up and I haven’t done a thing. I’ll do a little research.

    • I think your green thumb figures into it more than you realize, but I’ll grant that sometimes luck figures into gardening. Thanks!

  5. These are beautifully frilly. Interesting to see them photographed from above – your gymnastics paid off. I’m late in replying so am wondering whether you’ve moved on to handstands by now. I love the hose-in-hose effect you’ve captured in the bottom flower.

    • They are beautifully frilly, aren’t they? I’ll pretend I achieved the hose-in-hose effect on purpose. As for handstands, thanks for the laugh; the mere image in my head set me off!

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