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6 thoughts on “January 31.21: Coping

  1. I do miss the beach! Almost makes me want to travel again despite the risks that will continue for quite some time I fear. Love that blue.

    • Indeed, a beach like this and a blue like this are probably not found too close to us. Aren’t they something? As for safe travels, yes, I agree it will be a while.

  2. Could I trade you a warm beach for the freezing cold and the blizzard coming our way? 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how bad it’s going to be for you. It looks awful, and I am quite sure you can’t help thinking about that beautiful beach in SC — that must look better than heaven right now. I sure hope Steve holds up and that you will stay safe. I’ll be watching the reports, believe me! I have a friend in Mamaroneck, and she says 12-18″ coming at her, and I think I saw even worse for New England. I know New England knows snow, but it’s still scary.

      • There is one thing New England knows how to do and that is clear the highways. They go down the interstates sometimes three gigantic snow plows across and clear six lanes at a time. The highways will be up and running. It will be the side roads and all the driveways. Yes, I’ll be looking out and checking on Steve. 🙂 They rescheduled vaccines for today. My fingers are crossed we make our appointments on Wednesday.

      • My fingers will be crossed too! What a mess!!! May Steve hold up!

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