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January 26.21: Coping


As you know, dear reader, I am an introvert. I love quiet. Forever the firstborn, I play by myself contentedly.

However, I do not crave a hut in the desert or a cave hidden by vines. Which is what this COVID thing is beginning to feel like.  After a while, even an introvert feels the tedium of her own company. Then a terrible thing happens: she eats. Why is it that eating is the antidote to tedium? While I ponder the answer to that, I eat some more.

Yesterday I caught myself headed to the kitchen again and gave myself a stern talking-to, made a right turn and headed upstairs, where I plunged into no one’s favorite project: culling the past.

I come from a scrapbooking family, and I followed that tradition, starting in grade school. I am not talking about those tidy, starched, color-coordinated Martha-Stewart types of scrapbooks, but the old-fashioned kind, with real scraps, bits of life as it was lived. Messy, haphazard, in a rag-tag glued chronology. Just like life.

I attacked the scrapbook that held the years from college graduation to marriage, 1966 to 1971. There were strangers in there, but the strangest one of all was me. Have you met your young self recently, dear reader? Did you recognize each other?

If you are now your young self, just file the matter for future reference, when your seasoned self happens upon you. And may you meet in a kinder time.



9 thoughts on “January 26.21: Coping

  1. Lady, we’re in a pandemic — no more stern talking to yourself about food! ❤

    Your last year of high school was my first — that time brings back a few good memories. (Being tall enough to wear a maxi skirt without hemming it is not one of them!)

    Somehow, most of my hard-copy photos (generations!) never were album'd — they're in boxes and bags; and then there are all those thousands more (generations!) saved on thumb-drives, *new* desktop, and phones (or, it is not "Everest" on MY bucket list). Album/photo "attackers" are my heroes!

  2. Since I’m an only child and an introvert, I feel like I can jump right in here. Enough is enough, I’d pay to have a conversation with a couple other humans my age. 🙂 About the food, three meals a day is the only thing that one can count on right now. I’m not a snacker, but I sure show up at the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂 I’m either going to inspire you or make you gag, but several years ago I took all my photos out of albums and put them in three photo boxes that could be organized with tabs and stored easily. I also had a huge cardboard box of stuff from my grandparents so I took it all out, made a huge mess, but organized it by dates. Then I bought binders with sleeves so I could put the old, big photos in one, the small ones in another other, recipes in another and then organized the rest. I went back and labeled all the photos I could. I was able to get all of that into one plastic bin with flip top. I do have a box of flash drives though. LOL I went through a lot of these this week and ran across my wedding photo and thought who the heck is that child with thick auburn hair. 🙂 Enjoy your trip down memory lane but take tissues with you.

    • Yes: real conversations with real people! No gizmos allowed, just flesh-and-blood people! I do appreciate the benefit of your organizing experience — thank you! The scrapbooks are only one part of it. I already have nine plastic bins and three moving boxes filled with photo albums and scrapbooks and photos in envelopes, plus documents of all kinds. And that’s not counting my own scrapbooks. When I left California, most of it was in magnificent order. What happened between then and now is mysterious, but I intend to get it right again. My own scrapbooks are the starting point. Boy, do I understand that reaction to the bride picture! Tissues front and center!

  3. I have a similar feeling – I am generally happy with my own company, but it is completely different living through a pandemic. Also my mum and sister gave me chocolates, crisps and cake for Christmas and I ate them all, so now I am having to be a bit more disciplined. I congratulate you one your early start on Spring cleaning.

  4. Love your icy header, by the way!

    • Thank you for both the compliment and the understanding. I am glad that other introverts are feeling the same way; I don’t want to think that it’s just me feeling squashed by the days. Chocolate is, alas, such a steadying influence in a pandemic. Or in any other trouble, for that matter. I too am trying for discipline, and I’m quite saintly two days out of every five.

      • I am only saintly about chocolate if there isn’t any in the house… and even then… Do you suppose saints would never hanker after chocolate?

      • You make an excellent point. Yes, I think that hankering for chocolate would be a sure sign of sanctity. I will have to find a different way to say that — right after I wash the leftover chocolate Christmas cookies off my chin.

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