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January 19.21: Coping


What refuge

on a thin wire

that so many seek it?

What life

in a huddle?

When frigid waves

lap quietly

at our lives,

and a winter sun

makes the barren bright,

what warmth

in the insidious cold

is really creeping numbness?


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.



8 thoughts on “January 19.21: Coping

  1. It’s always interesting that birds are attracted to the thin wire, and we are always looking for terra firma. Happy Tuesday, Maureen.

    • Oh, yes — I most certainly am looking for terra firma, and I’m thinking that sometimes terra firma is just another thin wire! A happy Tuesday to you too, Judy. I read of heavy snow in New England, and I hope your own terra firma isn’t buried deep under it!

  2. I suppose they would prefer a tree, but needs must! It’s hard to imagine being up there with them and what it must be like up there, swaying. Humans would certainly not take to it, not even in the circus.

  3. Thank you. I do suspect we look pretty pathetic sometimes to other species.

  4. Always love the way your mind works! Don’t we all feel like we are sitting on a fragile wire right now?

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