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6 thoughts on “January 14.21:Coping

  1. Kind of like us – will we crumble as a nation or will we hold. More thought needed. Stay well.

  2. Oh, I do too! If my own mind is any indication, mental health is on the brink — and we’ve got a long way to go! What a lousy take-off on that old cigarette commercial!

  3. This one seems to have held. I join you in the hope all our mental healths will hold too and that peace and common sense will prevail.

    When the leaves are down for winter we can see the nests, but when the leaves return we walk right by and have no idea that family-making is going on. Meanwhile, the birds (or squirrels) must be sitting there, conscious of us, hoping we will keep our distance.

    • Oh, peace and common sense! Yes, please! May both prevail. It isn’t hard to imagine that, come summer, the inhabitants of these nests feel a bit smug about the peace and common sense of their lives as they look down on our species. I don’t doubt for a minute that they want us to keep our distance!

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