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January 9.21: Coping


Beneath fur and feather

it’s hard to judge pallor:

which will prevail,

discretion or valor?


In my pursuit of whether Shakespeare should be credited, I encountered a statement about things that annoy Shakespeare scholars.

I must say that Shakespeare scholars are easily annoyed.

4 thoughts on “January 9.21: Coping

  1. I hope the geese won. 🙂 Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for a good laugh! Happy Saturday to you too, Judy!

  3. I tried looking for the things that annoy Shakespearean scholars but couldn’t find any on this side of the pond. As Shakespeare freely borrowed I am sure he would not expect a credit. The Shakespearean scholar who annoyed me most wrote that Shakespeare did not care for books. How he thought that one up, I have no idea.

    • Shakespeare didn’t care for books? Sounds heretical to me. The site about the annoyed scholars was Prof Paul Brian’s at Washington State University. I know nothing about him; it was an accidental find.

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