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December 22.20: Coping


Time! That sneaky,

cantankerous power,

measuring immeasurables

by paltry hour,

grinding slow

when I can’t wait,

racing ahead

when I am late,

deliberate, cagey,

ever contrarian,

unbending, stern


It mocks and laughs

at helpless me,

scurrilous in its


My clock has stopped

at ten past eight

but feeble tickings


through quiet night

and restless sleep

reminding me

that time won’t keep.

It will proceed,

will not defer,

disdainful of

what I prefer.


When I was a kid, dear reader, time stopped every December and I knew Christmas would never come. How like now. Time does seem to have stopped, and I must thank you, dear reader, for being my new batteries throughout a tedious, painful, terrifying year.





6 thoughts on “December 22.20: Coping

  1. You mention waiting for Christmas, but this made me think of all the days I sat in high school looking out the window thinking would this never end. 🙂 Now, I can’t sleep, I’m up before dawn, and have nothing on the agenda. Pretty ironic how life’s journey evolves. Stay well, and keep those words coming when the mood strikes. 🙂

  2. We have to take it on trust that time isn’t malicious. I try to take on board the idea of time as a co-ordinate, but I can’t say that many of the latest ideas are intuitive for me.

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