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7 thoughts on “December 18.20: Coping

  1. I had myself a good chuckle picturing that cat looking for high ground in the tree. 🙂 But, it was the cookies that brought back a great memory of a cookie press both my Mom and my Grandmother had. Go to Amazon and put in “Vintage Mirro Cookie Press.” It is in a box and marked $99. Of course, there was no one in my family who would have paid that amount. Silver cylinder that held the dough, black handle that you turned to squeeze the cookie out, and various shapes that you put in. Thank you for that smile too. 🙂

    • OMIGOSH! I saw it and I’m still clutching my heart! $99? I’d totally forgotten about those tubular thigamies that you could screw on in place of the discs. So thank you back for the memories! I don’t know what happened to that press, but I do know that the one I have now is much easier on my Christmas spirit. That old press could splat out some surprises. Anyway, yes, these cookies bring back lots of childhood. As for the cat and dog, I cannot imagine having such a beautiful tree and then watching the dog tree the cat in it. But apparently the dog and cat are good buddies and it’s all Christmas fun as far as they’re concerned. Eugenia is saintly.

  2. The corgis were too short and the cats too lazy to climb our trees in the old days. The ornaments hung too low were another story, and so were gift bows. I miss the furries but not the mishaps. This year our little tree rests peacefully on a table.

    • Now there’s an image: corgis chasing cats up a Christmas tree ! It’s easier to imagine the fate of those low-hanging ornaments. The idea of anything “resting peacefully” is most welcome.

  3. That was a near miss! I suppose cats are used to trees being securely anchored.

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