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December 10.20: Coping


An amazement happened yesterday —

I’ve no idea why —

my phone just upped and worked

out of the clear blue sky!

I had no magic word,

no high-tech stratagem,

so respect the awesome power

of the Christmas M&M!




10 thoughts on “December 10.20: Coping

  1. Wonderful! Happy E. D. Birthday to you, too!

  2. Never, ever have I doubted the power of chocolate. 🙂 Yesterday, I cleaned the cupboard where I store all things technical – boxes, cords, and old devices I have never figured out how to safely dispose of. One of the things I ran across was my husband’s previous flip phone. I smiled, and put it right back where it was. 🙂

    • Awww…I guess there are certain relics we just can’t part with, like the flip phones that seem like museum pieces to our grandchildren but which are straight out of science fiction for us. Beam me up, Scotty!

      We brake for chocolate — I think the entire world needs more of it!

  3. Wow! A Christmas miracle!

  4. Yay! Good to know that I have a steady supply of magic in our Christmas candy dish right now.

  5. Magic M&Ms, or your phone couldn’t bear not to be around to celebrate the birthday. I don’t suppose you had turned it off and turned it on again?

  6. I definitely like the idea that the phone couldn’t bear to miss Emily Dickinson’s birthday. That would make perfect sense. I hadn’t turned it off, and I know that because I can never remember how to do it! I think the problem was that my “provider” wasn’t providing: the phone company and its looming 5G installations were likely involved in a service interruption. Not that they would say so, of course. The power of the M&Ms still remains a logical explanation.

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