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November 14.20: Coping


The fireworks of fall

though silent be their boom

revel in explosion

of pyrotechnic bloom.




Today is my mom’s birthday, a gardener down to her toes.

She’s long gone to God, but I know she’d love these mums.

She’d also tell me to wipe my feet, the official Mom Greeting.

So happy 102nd birthday, Evelyn Mauck O’Hern!

10 thoughts on “November 14.20: Coping

  1. Happy Birthday Maureen’s Mom! My Mom would have been 102 this past June. 🙂 Thank you for the smile with ‘wipe your feet’ and happy Saturday.

    • No kidding! Was your mom also crazy for Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy? I take it you also heard that same Mom Greeting. A happy Saturday to you too, Judy, and may we find distractions! I’m almost ready to start a day of baking with perhaps a moment or two with the rake.

      • Ah, the rake – I did that yesterday because they were piled up in front of the door and garage. Yes, I heard that saying, and you really got me thinking about music. We were really poor and never had a record player, and I don’t even remember that she listened to music on the radio. She was a reader her entire life and always had a book in her hand. She read things with happy endings, and from that you can guess that her life didn’t have many which was very true.

      • And, as her daughter, you probably wished you could have made things easier for her, as of course you did later. That’s a touching memory — your mom always with the book. As for the leaves, I decided they could stay where they are; it’s a cold drizzle out there and Indiana has hit over 8000 new cases of COVID today. I’m taking no chances on catching a cold and becoming delicate. So I’m staying close to the nice warm oven.

  2. Beautiful mums and appropriate verse. Thinking of you remembering your mom today. 😘

  3. Lovely lines, mums, and yes, Moms. How ridiculous to be without them when we need them the most!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your Mom. My long gone dad always tells me to close the door, but does not seem concerned about mucky feet.

    I blame you in that all I could see are the buds in this picture!

    • Thank you for the laugh! Yes, the buds are splendid in this, aren’t they?

      Isn’t it interesting what we remember about our parents? It almost makes me want to know what mine would remember about me — ALMOST being the operative word.

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