In search of story

November 7.20: Coping


As I clutched my morning coffee

and sought some inspiration,

I searched election-day sky

in vacuous contemplation.

And there it was, the message

amid chaotic fall:

there’s always more than one way

to rise above it all.



To be sure, dear reader, I have not risen above it all; I’m loony and weary and full of opinions. When I try to rise above it all, I just thud down. And so it was that I watched these hardy folks float over my head and accused them of taking the easy way. Which is definitely not to say that I wanted to be up there with them! Mocking gravity while dangling in a basket is not my idea of rising above.


6 thoughts on “November 7.20: Coping

  1. What a great shot! Great poem/musing, too — you have such a delightful command of words.

    • Thank you! This balloon really took me by surprise, and there it was, right on election day. I couldn’t help assigning some meaning to it.

  2. So, let’s order up a balloon ride for two including chairs, cold drinks, and dessert all the while being tethered to the ground. We could sit aloft and discuss the meaning of life, and when we were ready we’d ask to be hauled back in. I’m liking that idea and all the laughs we’d have. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you! I’m so glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read this — it would have been splattered all over my computer! I love the idea of sitting together in a balloon tethered to the ground — we could have the best of both worlds and yet escape from both. The meaning of life would be found there for sure!

  3. Can I join the two of you, please

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